The Importance of Video Games: A Bite-Sized Defense

In this fast-paced era of information and technology, video games are commonplace, a conventional form of entertainment that people of all ages and genders engage in. But even with the medium’s growing popularity, negative criticisms and opinions about the content, probability of addiction, and detrimental influences on behavior are abundant. Yes, there are games with graphic violence, sexual content, and questionable morality. It is entirely possible that a prolonged exposure with no set rules or restrictions can lead to the development of an unhealthy obsession (play in moderation!). There are individuals out there that find it difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality, and so impressionable that they think it’s okay to mimic inappropriate actions and behaviours depicted in fictional premises. But isn’t it unfair to label all video games as “bad” or “evil”? The examples above are extremes, not the norm.

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