The Forbidden Library is a school project for our LIT program. There are four authors that contribute this blog:

Lesette is studying to become a library technician to help create a common, safe, and public space centered around learning. Most of her posts are about issues where libraries and disabilities overlap.

Merle is a Library and Information Technology student who aspires to be a full-time cataloguer. She is passionate about video games, books, and children’s cartoons. She discusses emerging and existing technologies in libraries.

Venkman is an Italian student in Canada. He wishes to work in records management or as a cataloguer. He loves to travel and see new places; his passions range from sports to history, food to sit-coms. He usually writes about library history.

Mona is a Pakistani-Canadian who joined the Library Information Technology program because she loves libraries and their atmosphere. She is a mother of 4 and loves to play games and read books whenever she has free time. Her dream is to promote library culture where people do not understand the importance of libraries.

Header Image: Flickr


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